Two of Four From Carol in Hawaii
Gracious Parcels Squares from Carol O

One From CheesyKnitWit
Gracious Parcels Squares from CheesyKnitWit

Eight (I think) From Diane B.
Gracious Parcels Squares from Diane B

Two From FiberTextileMadness
Gracious Parcels Squares from FiberFollieMadness

Twelve From Grammie Pammie
Gracious Parcels Squares from Grammie Pammie

Three From Kristi M.
Gracious Parcels Squares from Kristi M

Eleven From Martha B. and Family
Gracious Parcels Squares from Martha B and Family

Fourteen From “Momma”
Gracious Parcels Squares from Momma

Five From Pam in Connecticutt
Gracious Parcels Squares from Pam in Conneticutt

Four From Peggy in Wisconsin
Gracious Parcels Squares from Peggy


5 Responses to “Photos”

  1. annabelle2 Says:

    Hello Everyone!
    What beautiful squares you have all knitted! You should be so proud! Just think of the lucky family that will stay warm under these blankets.

  2. Carol O. Says:

    Definitely INspiring to see all the good-looking designs. Thanks for the photos, Firefly (and also for the photo of the almost finished afghan). I’ve been knitting some squares with GrammiePammie’s designs for WhitneyKnitter’s Habitat afghans. Nice to see the idea of helping spreading all across the country! Aloha, all! –Carol in Honolulu

  3. momma Says:

    Firefly , I’m going to help Grammie Pammie with a few squares for her Ghana Project but I’ll be back!

  4. Lora Says:


    Sharon and I saw your website and sent in squares for your gracious parcels project. Then we began a knitting group of our own, since my church, “Hope Presbyterian”, works on a Habitat for Humanity house in the Spring and in the Fall for Memphis, TN. Hope was reconstructing two homes this spring, so we were able to put together two blankets. One for each home. Then we started a group and had about 8 ladies attend. We are now working on our 3rd and fourth blankets. These will be given to the house that Hope builds in the fall. Thank you for your inspiration. Thought you would enjoy hearing that not only did we contribute to this project, but we began one of our own here in Memphis. Your can see our results on our website.
    God Bless,

  5. Jane Hart Says:

    I live in Kendall and like you am and while we no longer have an old barn on our property we do have a pool fence which has my quilt block, Northwind, hanging on it. I was the guide for several quilt block tours last year and am working on updating the guidebook I started last year. I hope to meet you soon as I admire both you and Lora for your creativity and for the worthwhile projects you have started in this area of upstate NY I love and where I have lived all my life (20 of those years on a farm). I hope to have several blocks ready soon for the blankets. Happy spring!

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