Check out the Ghana Project

One of our members, Grammie Pammie, has started her own charity knitting project known as The Ghana Project. Her story is very touching and heart warming.

GP’s generosity is evident here in the Gracious Parcels blog when you see how many 7″ square patterns she has gracious contributed. Please take a moment to read her new blog about the Ghana Project and give her your support if you can.

Well done, GP!



3 Responses to “Check out the Ghana Project”

  1. annabelle2 Says:

    Way to go Grammie Pammie! It just takes one person to make a difference in someones life.

  2. grammiepammie Says:

    Thank you, Annabelle! I never imagined that the Lord would drop this in my lap. I’m grateful and overwhelmed (in a good way). Thanks, Firefly, for all your assistance, as well!
    Grammie Pammie

  3. Donna Scagnelli Says:

    I received the squares, thank you so much. They will be so helpful to our cause. We appreciate very much.
    Donna Scagnelli

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