Check out the Ghana Project

One of our members, Grammie Pammie, has started her own charity knitting project known as The Ghana Project. Her story is very touching and heart warming.

GP’s generosity is evident here in the Gracious Parcels blog when you see how many 7″ square patterns she has gracious contributed. Please take a moment to read her new blog about the Ghana Project and give her your support if you can.

Well done, GP!



Progress on Gracious Parcels Spring ’07 Blankets

First Gracious Parcels Spring 07 Blanket Comes TogetherJust a brief post to show a photo of progress on the first sewn together blanket for Gracious Parcels Spring ’07. Read more about this at the I Live on a Farm blog.

I have also posted a “Photos” page here at the Gracious Parcels Blog. Check it out.

The photos I have posted there are some I shot one day when I had received a large batch of mail packets with squares. In a perfect world I would have had the time to photograph each contribution that came in and put up the photo with credit to the contributor.

This, however, is not a perfect world.


Knitting for HfH

You have to give back to your community. Life is a big circle and you only get out of it what you put in. Giving to others is the path to joy and contentment. You get back so much more than what you put in. Knitting is so personal and the results so rewarding that you must share them with others. Giving from the heart starts out as one thing, but quickly becomes another. The rewards are immense and the friendships made along the way enrich all who participate, whether on the giving or the receiving end. Please help others in anyway you can. My way just happens to be knitting! The WhitneyKnitter!

Now look what you’ve done

The Squares for Gracious Parcels Spring 2007 Blankets

This is a photo of all of the squares that have been submitted for the Spring 2007 Gracious Parcels blankets.

And here is a photo of me with the first Gracious Parcels blanket, completed during the 2006 Holiday Season (Gracious Parcels 2006).

Firefly with the first Gracious Parcels Blanket

For more details and photos of the new squares, go to the Spring 2007 page I just set up.

Best to you all,


Here is a picture of the squares we (Lora and I) contributed to the Gracious Parcels project. Firefly’s project inspired us to start a local project for blankets for a local Habitat for Humanity project.

Gracious Parcels

The blankets are done and we deliver them next week.
I really enjoy reading firefly’s website/blogs and am really looking forward to exchanging posts with other knitters.
I am going to go back and carefully study the patterns provided when I get a minute. Tonight is a blur of activity but I want to post a quick hello to everyone.


Cluster Ribs

Cluster Ribs

This is a simple pattern which produces nice results.

Multiples of 3 + 1 (I use 28 stitches for the 7″ squares)


YO=Yarn Over

PSSO=Pass Slipped Stitch Over

Row 1: P1, *K2, P1 (repeat from * to end of row)

Row 2: K1, *YO, K2, PSSO, K1 (repeat from * to end of row)

======see note below=======================

Row 3: P1, *K2, P1 (repeat from * to end of row)

Row 4: K1, *YO, K2, PSSO, K1 (repeat from * to end of row)

Repeat rows 3 & 4 for pattern

My last Gracious Parcels

lynne’s Gracious Parcel Squares
Hi everyone! This is going to be a great forum for sharing our squares, patterns, and ideas. I recently did a few more squares that I featured on my blog, so I’m going to share that with this group. I had several people on my blog who are normally lurkers and don’t post comments, write to me and ask questions about what pattern I used, etc.

My biggest challenge as a knitter who’s only been knitting for two years, is getting as close to a 7 inch square as I can. I’ve frogged a lot of squares. In fact, I miscounted on the checkerboard square below and cast off too soon, resulting in a too-small square, which I am now using as a dish cloth!

Lilacs are one of my favorite things, so it was only natural that one of the squares would be dedicated to those fragrant blooms. It took me some time to find the right yarn for representing lilacs, but I found the perfect fit. I experimented with different stitch patterns until I hit on the right one (the box stitch) to make it look like clusters of lilac flowers. The yarn was Lion Brand Homespun. Cast on was 21 stitches; needle size was 9 for this one.

I had some variegated blue yarn that came with my original “Learn to Knit” kit and thought it would do well to represent a river. When I started playing with the yarn, it just begged for the chevron stitch to make it look like ripples. I don’t know the yarn brand, but it was a wool blend. Cast on was 24 stitches; size 9 needles.

I also wanted to represent the fruiting bushes around firefly’s area and even though the yarn is not quite the correct color of red for raspberries, it works. The checkerboard pattern worked up to look like lots of small pints of raspberries (or at least to my imagination it does). Yarn was Lion Brand Wool-Ease; cast on 28 stitches; size 8 needles.