Progress on Gracious Parcels Spring ’07 Blankets

First Gracious Parcels Spring 07 Blanket Comes TogetherJust a brief post to show a photo of progress on the first sewn together blanket for Gracious Parcels Spring ’07. Read more about this at the I Live on a Farm blog.

I have also posted a “Photos” page here at the Gracious Parcels Blog. Check it out.

The photos I have posted there are some I shot one day when I had received a large batch of mail packets with squares. In a perfect world I would have had the time to photograph each contribution that came in and put up the photo with credit to the contributor.

This, however, is not a perfect world.



Knitting for HfH

You have to give back to your community. Life is a big circle and you only get out of it what you put in. Giving to others is the path to joy and contentment. You get back so much more than what you put in. Knitting is so personal and the results so rewarding that you must share them with others. Giving from the heart starts out as one thing, but quickly becomes another. The rewards are immense and the friendships made along the way enrich all who participate, whether on the giving or the receiving end. Please help others in anyway you can. My way just happens to be knitting! The WhitneyKnitter!

Finally I Have Something To Say…

Most people would disagree with the above title. I usually have something to say about anything. But I didn’t want to just publish anything to the Gracious Parcels Blog- I wanted it to be important, if you know what I mean. I mean the idea behind Gracious Parcels is amazing. We should all be proud to be apart of it! And a BIG THANK YOU to Firefly for all her hard work!

I was explaining to my 20 year old today about the idea behind the blog. My children are all caring, compassionate people. But my oldest takes the cake. He always puts others before himself no matter what the situation. Example: He and 4 of his friends spent a week in Florida. On their way home one of the boys slammed into the back of a truck and probably, more than likely totaled our van. Thankful they were all ok except for the poor, old van. After my son woke up; he took total control of the situation, calming the young man who was driving the van. Telling him that everything will be all right. Talking to the man who was driving the truck and the young lady in the car in front of him. Putting everyone at ease, at least, that is what his friends are telling me. 2 other accidents happened in the same area that they were in while waiting on the police to arrive. They watched a car flip and another accident happen the way there’s did. Thankfully it was a day where no one was badly injured only the pride of the young man driving our van. My heart is hurting for him, it could have been any of them that day. But the story continues. With only 1 headlight working on the van and fluids leaking my son manages to get the van to an auto parts store. It was beginning to get dark and they wanted to get home but I was not wanting them to drive with 1 headlight. A man at the auto parts store came to their rescue. He was closing the shop as they pulled in on Friday night but because he had a generous heart he took the time to help my son and friends. He managed to find a light for the van, duct taped it in for them, fixed the leaking hose and enjoyed the company of 5 wonderful young people. He even offered them to stay in his home with his family for the night. Just when you think there are few people left in this world willing to help someone out then something like this happens. My husband has talked with the auto parts man, sending him a huge thank you for taking care of our son. He checked on the kids to be sure they made it home safely.

My point, to put ourselves out there, to be completely generous with the gifts that we have been given is such an easy task AND it makes a difference in the life or lives of people. Just the way firefly has generously given of her time and talents. Just like each of you who has sent a square to warm the toes of someone we may never meet. Way to go everyone! Hope to talk with you all again very soon!


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Mock Cable

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Seed Stitch Zig-Zag

Seed Stitch Zig-Zag

Mult. of 6 + 1

Row 1:  Knit

Row 2:  Purl

Row 3:  P1, *K5, P1  (repeat from * to end of row)

Row 4:  P1, *K1, P3, K1, P1 (repeat from * to end of row)

Row 5:  P1, *K1, P1  (repeat from * ….

Row 6:  P1, *K1, P1 (repeat from * /rows 5 & 6 are the same

Row 7:  K2, P1, K1, P1, *K3, P1, K1, P1 (repeat from *, last 2 stitches K2)

Row 8:  P3, K1, *P5, K1 (repeat from * to end of row; last 3 stitches: P3)

Harris Tweed Rib

Harris Tweed Rib

Mult. of 4 + 2

Row 1:  K2, *P2, K2 (repeat from * to end of row)

Row 2:  P2, *K2, P2  (repeat from *…

Row 3:  Knit

Row 4:  Purl

Row 5:  K2, *P2, K2 (repeat from *

Row 6:  P2, *K2, P2

Row 7:  Purl

Row 8:  Knit

Non-Curling Corrugated Rib

Non-Curling Corrugated Rib

Mult. of 5 + 2

Row 1:  K2, *P3, K2  (repeat from * to end of row)

Row 2:  P2, *K3, P2  (repeat from * to end of row)